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Home for Humanity

Home for Humanity is a global vision, and movement of integral changemakers and home-based movements and organisations across all continents committed to transforming our divided world into a ‘home on earth’ for all life. Theatre of Transformation Academy ignites and champions the transformative and creative power of humanity.

Professor Alexander Schieffer

Co-Founder, Home for Humanity (France)

 Rama Mani

Founder, Theatre of Transformation Academy, Co-Founder, HomeforHumanity

Other Organizations

World Dream Day

World Dream Day, celebrated annually on Sept 25th, it is the first-ever global holiday day dedicated to activating ideas, goals, and dreams.


Happifeet intends to connect people to their inner selves through natures.

Cazulo - Corporate Transformation

We help people and organizations to unlock the power of purpose, so we can create a meaningful world together.

Wild Roots

wild roots is dedicated to creating spaces for deep listening, connecting, and healing.

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