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Diamond Selection

Diamond Selection is for reconnecting our original energy which is “grace”. One you reveal your own diamond, you shine with you authentic energy. If all the diamonds embedded in us shine and reflect life’s different colors and aspects, we would be united and get connected with each other and Gaia.

Dilek Metino─člu

Healer & Writer

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WISE EXPERIENCE consultant, coaching and art therapy

Business whispering

Organizations evolve as their people grow. That is the focus of my consulting business: seeing where the natural evolution of people and their organizations become stuck - to then unstuck them.


ARTH facilitates healing and recovery through personal and online healing sessions, individual, group and corporate sessions.

Conscious Togetherness

Conscious Leadership Coaching and Consulting practice partnering with organizations, and purpose driven leaders to create cultures of wellbeing, equity, and peace.

Kabila Consulting

Kabila is an organisation and a movement committed to Cultivating Leaders and leadership that focus on sustainability AND scale.

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