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Professor Alexander Schieffer

Professor Alexander Schieffer is an integral philosopher, academic activist, passionate educator, and mystic poet. He is the Co-Founder of Home for Humanity (France), a global movement of integral changemakers across diverse cultures on all continents united by the shared vision to ‘co-create home on earth’ for all life. He is also the Co-Founder of TRANS4M Academy for Integral Transformation (Geneva, Switzerland). Professor of Integral Development at Da Vinci Institute, South Africa and St. Gallen University, Switzerland. Author of many books (including Integral Development, Transformation Management, Integral Economics and Integral Research-and-Innovation), as well as two poetry volumes and a novel. He is also Co-Editor of the Transformation and Innovation Series and the Integral Green Society and Economy Series, both with Routledge. He has a Ph.D. from St. Gallen University entitled The Development of Leadership Personality.

Offerings By Professor Alexander Schieffer

 THE HIGHER DREAM OF EARTH CITIZENSHIP: A Creative, Participatory Earth Agora


THE HIGHER DREAM OF EARTH CITIZENSHIP: A Creative, Participatory Earth Agora

Saturday, Jul 16 2022 @ 4:30 PM UTC - 5:45 PM UTC

  • Concluded
  • Jul 16, 2022

Organizations By Professor Alexander Schieffer

Home for Humanity

Home for Humanity is a global vision, and movement of integral changemakers and home-based movements and organisations across all continents committed to transforming our divided world into a ‘home on earth’ for all life.

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