Happifeet intends to connect people to their inner selves through natures.

    Cazulo - Corporate Transformation

    We help people and organizations to unlock the power of purpose, so we can create a meaningful world together.


    WISE EXPERIENCE consultant, coaching and art therapy


    ROSITA & PEPA a platform to create consciousness around the grandmother archetype, with the purpose to give wise women a voice, create community, and connect people with the feminine ancestral wisdom.

    The Soul Aligned Leader

    The Soul Aligned Leader is a Masterclass Series designed and implemented by Soul Business Alchemy International.

    Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI)

    Developed over 30 years, and conducted with thousands of participants on six continents, the Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI) applies principles of Truth and Reconciliation to open new pathways to healing, respect, intimacy and collaboration between the genders.

    World Dream Day

    World Dream Day, celebrated annually on Sept 25th, it is the first-ever global holiday day dedicated to activating ideas, goals, and dreams.

    Home for Humanity

    Home for Humanity is a global vision, and movement of integral changemakers and home-based movements and organisations across all continents committed to transforming our divided world into a ‘home on earth’ for all life.

    Helping Touch

    Scent of the world is our company which distributes the oils of doTERRA worldwide.