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Peace Through Commerce

We are a strategic, global, and educational nonprofit corporation dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Through our proprietary society building, peace-building, and problem-solving theory, model, and technology–Matrix of Peace Systems™–we bring together historically siloed and sometimes hostile societal sectors to find shared values.

Michelle Waters

Board Member and VP, Peace Through Commerce

 Phyllis Blees

CEO, Peace Through Commerce

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Happifeet intends to connect people to their inner selves through natures.


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The Soul Aligned Leader is a Masterclass Series designed and implemented by Soul Business Alchemy International.

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It is time for a New Leadership Model. On a new Power-base; that creates a world that works for all

Home for Humanity

Home for Humanity is a global vision, and movement of integral changemakers and home-based movements and organisations across all continents committed to transforming our divided world into a ‘home on earth’ for all life.

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