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Phyllis Blees

Philomena is CEO Peace Through Commerce, a strategic, global and educational non-profit organization and event partner with Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo. She also serves as Trustee Emeritus of Conscious Capitalism. She previously served in the office of General Counsel at Texas State Treasury. She also practiced law in her own private firm in Honolulu, Hawaii, concentrating on tax, real property, and business law. Philomena has a long history in k-12 education and creativity. She co-founded a for-profit school for gifted children and several educational foundations in Austin, TX. And, in 2019 she became president of the American Creativity Association.

Offerings By Phyllis Blees

 A Systems Approach to Peacebuilding by Phyllis Blees & Michelle Waters


A Systems Approach to Peacebuilding by Phyllis Blees & Michelle Waters

Saturday, Jul 16 2022 @ 3:00 PM UTC - 4:30 PM UTC

  • Concluded
  • Jul 16, 2022

Organizations By Phyllis Blees

Peace Through Commerce

We are a strategic, global, and educational nonprofit corporation dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

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