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Michelle Waters

Michelle Waters, is Board Member and VP, Peace Through Commerce, a strategic, global and educational non-profit organization and event partner with the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo. She also serves on the Board of eChange Endeavors a non-profit inspiring economic empowerment for youth in Uganda. Michelle consults to corporations on best practice people strategies and is a certified coach.

She has held senior corporate roles in the US and Australia and is a published researcher in the Asia Pacific Journal of HR.

She co-authored study and book called The Orange Line, identifying the rules of the ‘ideal’ women at the cost of career, family and life integration. Previously, Michelle co-founded Beacon Hills college. She he holds a M.Mgt., B.Ed.St., and leads contemplative prayer for her local Parish.

Offerings By Michelle Waters

 A Systems Approach to Peacebuilding by Phyllis Blees & Michelle Waters


A Systems Approach to Peacebuilding by Phyllis Blees & Michelle Waters

Saturday, Jul 16 2022 @ 3:00 PM UTC - 4:30 PM UTC

  • Concluded
  • Jul 16, 2022

Organizations By Michelle Waters

Peace Through Commerce

We are a strategic, global, and educational nonprofit corporation dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

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