Peace Through Commerce

    We are a strategic, global, and educational nonprofit corporation dedicated to creating a world where all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

    Nzuzu Consulting

    Our organization is dedicated to growing wise and soulful leaders with the intention of supporting forgiveness and reconciliation in the world.


    ARTH facilitates healing and recovery through personal and online healing sessions, individual, group and corporate sessions.

    AEIOU leadership

    AEIOU leadership creates a space for collaboration and co-creation of sustainable business models.

    Conscious Leadership Israel

    conscious Leadership Israel goal is to enable leaders to be the best version of themselves in the career world.

    Wild Roots

    wild roots is dedicated to creating spaces for deep listening, connecting, and healing.

    Ellaeenah Spiritual Centre

    Ellaeenah Spiritual Centre is dedicated to mind, heart, and soul empowerment, release from the stranglehold of the past, and providing awareness that can propel self-discovery and self-growth.


    A registered trust, Ritambhara Ashram offers an alternative way of engaging with life, rooted in Indian tradition and encompassing contemporary practices to help you live a life full of Rasa.

    Shakti Leadership

    It is time for a New Leadership Model. On a new Power-base; that creates a world that works for all