Home for Humanity

    Home for Humanity is a global vision, and movement of integral changemakers and home-based movements and organisations across all continents committed to transforming our divided world into a ‘home on earth’ for all life.

    Helping Touch

    Scent of the world is our company which distributes the oils of doTERRA worldwide.

    Business whispering

    Organizations evolve as their people grow. That is the focus of my consulting business: seeing where the natural evolution of people and their organizations become stuck - to then unstuck them.

    Diamond Selection

    Diamond Selection is for reconnecting our original energy which is “grace”.

    Conscious Togetherness

    Conscious Leadership Coaching and Consulting practice partnering with organizations, and purpose driven leaders to create cultures of wellbeing, equity, and peace.

    Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils

    Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils are a collective of women leaders from different fields who share this common purpose: Choosing to re-imagine and re-design the way we & the world work by influencing the systems from the inside out.

    Transforming Moments Consulting

    Transforming Moments Consulting develops the human capacity to transform. We offer coaching, facilitation, organisation development and spiritual direction.


    Activateen develops programs for youth centered around the intersection of tech, creative and life skills.

    Kabila Consulting

    Kabila is an organisation and a movement committed to Cultivating Leaders and leadership that focus on sustainability AND scale.