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Rekha Kurup

I am a Trauma-Aware CI-Informed Integrative Systemic Phenomenological Therapist and Keeper of the Cyclic Earth Wisdom traditions. The pedagogy of my offerings is founded in a Whole-Person-Philosophy that supports integration of the Personal, Relational, and Transpersonal experiences of Inhabiting an Emotionally Mature Adult Human Knowing. I support individuals to consciously develop the Compassion and Curiosity to Inquire into the Relational Origins of their Triggers, Develop the Courage to do the process – integration work, and Mature their Self-awareness to take 100% Responsibility for their Being+Doing in the world. My initiatives are She Stands Tall Project and Ordinary Human Project

Offerings By Rekha Kurup

The Polyvagal Way of Leading and Healing by Rekha Kurup


The Polyvagal Way of Leading and Healing by Rekha Kurup

Wednesday, Jul 13 2022 @ 5:30 AM UTC - 7:00 AM UTC

  • Upcoming
  • Jul 13, 2022

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