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Raghu Ananthanarayanan

Raghu Ananthanarayanan an alumnus of IIT Madras is a behavioural scientist, yoga teacher and author. His central quest has been the enquiry: “How to continually look within, transform, be the best and inspire?” This seeking led to discipleship with Yogacharya Krisnamacharya, dialoguing with J Krishnamurti and collaborating with Prof. Pulin K Garg. He has dedicated his life to the study and application of Yogic traditions to guide the inner transformation of individuals and shape the leadership and culture building of organizations. He has pioneered the use of the Yoga Sutras, traditional theatre, and the Mahabharata in experiential learning.

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The Difficulty of Being Dharmic by Raghu Ananthanarayanan


The Difficulty of Being Dharmic by Raghu Ananthanarayanan

Thursday, Jul 14 2022 @ 4:00 AM UTC - 5:30 AM UTC

  • Concluded
  • Jul 14, 2022

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A registered trust, Ritambhara Ashram offers an alternative way of engaging with life, rooted in Indian tradition and encompassing contemporary practices to help you live a life full of Rasa.

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