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Jeremy Solomons

Jeremy Solomons is a UK-born and educated, USA-naturalized and Kigali-based, independent consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer and writer, with a Global South perspective. As the world has changed over the last two years, he has been focusing on Global Competence, Inclusive Leadership; Gender Equity, Team Collaboration, Virtual Communication Literacy, Equitable Feedback, Difficult Conversations, Peace Promotion, Self Leadership and Career Re-Imagining. He is the founder and MD of JSA Consulting Rwanda ( ) and co-founder and -coordinator of the Globally Conscious Peacemakers ( ). He presented at TRW 2021 on “Peacemaking from a Rwandan Perspective”.

Offerings By Jeremy Solomons

 Post-Colonialism in the New Africa by Jeremy Solomons


Post-Colonialism in the New Africa by Jeremy Solomons

Wednesday, Jul 13 2022 @ 7:00 AM UTC - 8:30 AM UTC

  • Concluded
  • Jul 13, 2022

Organizations By Jeremy Solomons

JSA Consulting (Rwanda) Ltd.

JSA Consulting Group is a team of experts working for social change by providing professional services, technical assistance and sustainable solutions.

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