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Ellaeenah Niloufer

I am an energy intuit, a spiritual/psychic mentor, inner child healing coach, Ho’o’ponopono and Bach Flower Remedies practitioner. To empower others liberate themselves from conflict-causing patterns of living, my work extends into the realms of the Spirit-Psyche, such that life is directed by mindfulness, through one-on-one work, seminars and workshops. The intuitive study of the soul, and resultant insights into Esoteric Astrology & ┬áHealing, have birthed Channeled Cards of Cosmic Truth, a channeled book ‘And Jade Fire Said, a co-authored book ' Bach To A happy Life’, and a chakra healing method through channeled Geometric Codes.

Offerings By Ellaeenah Niloufer

Healing The Woman, Raising The Universal Goddess by Ellaeenah Niloufer


Healing The Woman, Raising The Universal Goddess by Ellaeenah Niloufer

Friday, Jul 15 2022 @ 12:30 PM UTC - 2:30 PM UTC

  • Concluded
  • Jul 15, 2022

Organizations By Ellaeenah Niloufer

Ellaeenah Spiritual Centre

Ellaeenah Spiritual Centre is dedicated to mind, heart, and soul empowerment, release from the stranglehold of the past, and providing awareness that can propel self-discovery and self-growth.

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