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Ashwita Goel

A second generation healer who was exposed to a wide plethora of spiritual teachers, Ashwita combines ancient teachings with contemporary ideologies. She was introduced to the spiritual pathway very early on, learning meditation and yoga as a little girl. During her early teens, her family was introduced to Reiki and she has practiced it for 25 years, incorporating many more tools along the way. She took it up professionally in 2007 after a short stint in the IT industry. Ashwita teaches Reiki and meditation, facilitates recovery through various methods of energy healing, EFT, hypnotherapy and past life therapy.

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 Beyond Being Human by Ashwita Goel


Beyond Being Human by Ashwita Goel

Wednesday, Jul 13 2022 @ 2:30 PM UTC - 3:00 PM UTC

  • Concluded
  • Jul 13, 2022

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ARTH facilitates healing and recovery through personal and online healing sessions, individual, group and corporate sessions.

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