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Who is a Shakti Leader?

The IDEAL of Shakti Leadership

Who is a Shakti Leader?

NB: While this article refers to a particular gender, it is so only for the ease of reading. In actual terms, it applies to any person of any gender who feels called to embody the ideal


A Shakti Leader is a Renaissance woman, an integral ‘yogini’. Open to different worldviews and consciousness practices for enlightenment, empowerment and embodiment.

Recognising that no one approach has all the answers to solve the crises of our times, she synthesises and creates a unique path for herself that bridges all polarities; drawing from the best of the East and the West, the North and the South, the Masculine and the Feminine, Right Brain and Left Brain, Head and Heart, Body and Soul, vidya & maya (logos & mythos), kama & yama (eros & thanatos) … To come into her psycho-spiritual wholeness and full-blown Shakti (innate power). In order to lead the change she wishes to see in the world.

With the discernment of a scientist and the curiosity of an artist, she lives boldly in the intersections of the Ancient and Modern, Science and Arts, Psychology and Spirituality, Rationality and Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Environment. Dancing in the dualities from her non-dual loving heart broken open to her full creative flow.

A devotee of Truth and an ego willingly surrendered to it, she is Faith-friendly and Faith-neutral. Respecting the wisdom of world cultures and open to engaging in their practices and rituals, she digs deep to find our universal, common ground. Our interbeing. While remaining anchored in her own truth and honouring the truth of her own source heritage.

Rejecting nothing, embracing everything, her primary motivation is to unify Humanity around our shared Planetary destiny.

For this, she willingly makes the heroic journey to self-mastery in order to serve selflessly.

In the process she finds Ananda, the innate delight of existence. Becoming the Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance she wishes to see in the world.

And shares all of it as her privilege.


Nilima Bhat

Nilima Bhat

Nilima Bhat

Founder-Director Shakti Leadership

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