The Word

Resolution of Love

This Resolution of Love
Is a prayer on the wings of a dove.
This resolution of love
Is the vision that poets that dream of.

This Resolution of Love
Will turn back all the shedding of blood.
This resolution of love
Is a gift from the heavens above.

So much love,
So effortlessly.
Feelings are
So hard to believe.

(But) one true heart,
lifts me high
to this

Ever new resolution of love
Like looking into the eye of the sun.
This resolution of love
Will forever turn two into one.

(So many) breaking hearts
So desperately
Search out truth
(and find it) so hard to receive.

But all that lives
will ever be
calling forth

In a new revolution of love
One the spirit can never give up
This revolution of love
Has begun.

When I See the Water

Comin' like a river through the plain
Winding through the heat in search of rain.
Knowing I will someday see the sea,
Shackled though I seem, my soul is free.

I said the things you told me not to say.
Beaten but I'll go on anyway
Callin' out the truth for all to hear
"People, time to put away your fear."

I have seen the water tumbling down,
pouring out its truth upon the ground.
Life is not a mystery to me
When I see the water tumbling down.

People say they want the world to change
Then try to put a price on the exchange.
Could it be they do not wish to know
That this world ain't like a TV show.

When they see the water tumbling down
pouring out its wisdom all around.
They will see what man can truly be
When they see the water tumbling down.

When you gonna listen to the story
When you gonna change your heart of stone?
All that really matters is some human understanding
It's been so long
So long.

I am just an ordinary man
Looking to bring peace into my land.
Trying hard to find a better way
I'm praying that I live to see the day,

When we see the water tumbling down
Spreading out the message all around.
Love's the only sword we'll ever need
When we see the water tumbling down.

When we see the water tumbling down
Pouring out its truth upon the ground.
Then we'll have everything we need
When we see the water tumbling down.

I Am Music

I have been with you for all time.
I am a gift that came from God
To serve every generation
Through all the forms that I am

Worship I raise from human hearts
Bonds of peace for jaws of hatred
Spirits I comfort, minds I soothe
Truth I am to all I serve

From the depths of broken hearts
To the heights of exuberant spirits,
I am music without bounds,
Serving people as each may choose


Ubuntu-Mahatma Gandhi
Resolution of Love- FDR
When I See the Water-Nelson Mandela
I Shall Believe- JFK, MLK {used by permission}